Immediate Necessities

Lay 2-State: The society starts to defend the religion, each one with its belief and faith. Today, orientation of Lay State is the one that has a bigger predominance in the society. Lay 3-State Influenced by the Church: The church starts to have greater participation in the politics, influencing the population in programs politicians and the election of religious representatives. This last situation is directly on to the Religious Marketing, but she is necessary to analyze the context of ampler form so that if they can appreciate the transformations that come happening in the current market of religious ideas. To understand the nature of the religious products, she is necessary to analyze which is the product offered for the churches and what the fidiciary offices really look visiting such institution. These products vary since corporeal properties as: crucifixos, images, t-shirts, chaveiros, penxses, until psychological goods as: trips, pills, promises of cure, etc. Alone in Brazil exist about four a thousand points of sales of these products. The same Gil Nuno Vaz (1995, p.351) establishes that you distress, them are the biggest reasons so that people appeal the certain religions.

These you distress can be classified as frustration, hurts and lamentations for the economic and social situation. In such a way, the people look religious products so that they can satisfy its necessities. The table below represents some examples of reasons that take the people the certain churches: Table 3? Benefits of the religious products REASONS OF the GROWTH OF SEITAS% Promises of Cura34 Poverty/Misria23 Immediate Necessities (Food, clothes) 21 Busca Espiritual20 Busca de Milagres8 Research of multiple answers. (Gil Nuno Vaz, 1995) the type of behavior that the person goes to develop inside of the organization is resulted of the reason stimulated that to look it a religious conviviality. ' ' It has people that they search answers for its only exclusive benefit.