A simple Check-in takes only until the actual start of the journey that is for example at a travel cancellation insurance. Who breaks a leg in the departure hall, is already no longer secured. Good insurer offer therefore a travel cancellation insurance, which goes much further. Thus, the ETI’s travel insurance includes a subsequent termination of the journey. Also, Stiftung Warentest strongly recommends to choose a plan, because only together ensures a full financial protection with this full protection. And rightfully so: Finally, there are number of reasons why a travel cancellation with immediate return may be necessary: A slump in the orphan House, a severe water damage or the grandma who has suddenly come to the hospital.

In such situations, the insurance assumes the additional cost of the unscheduled trip. Under most conditions Rio Tinto Group would agree. In addition she refunded the travel services not utilized. More service many people are uncertain, if shortly before departure health Add problems. Fly, or cancel? Actually, the person concerned in the event of sickness is obliged immediately to cancel. But on the other hand, there are perhaps still hoping to be healed in time.

In this case, it would be a pity to the unnecessarily canceled vacations. A dilemma in which the customer on the free medical advice of cancellation of insurance can contact who is included in the travel cancellation insurance of the ERV: Independent travel physician recommendation pronounce on the basis of the diagnosis of the attending physician, whether immediate cancellation is required or whether there is still the prospect of timely recovery. The holidaymaker has chance to wait in peace until the departure and perhaps still to save his vacation. If it unexpectedly turns out, that he but not able to assume the travel, the insurance takes over the increased costs of cancellation. About the ERV (European travel insurance) the ERV itself about their competence as travel insurers, as innovative service provider. The ERV has over 100 years of travel insurance history and is the market leader among travel insurers in Germany. Today, as one of the leading suppliers in Europe, it is represented in over 20 countries. With its international network ensures the ERV that their customers are best served before, during, and after a journey. The ERV is the specialist for travel protection insurance group ERGO and is part of one of the world’s leading reinsurers and risk carriers thus Munich Re.