Literal Lingustica

Consideraes Final the construction of this work on the importance of the Lingustica in the construction and interpretation of texts was based on an interview with pupils of 3 year of the average education of the state net, where if it evidenced a lack when the pupils were submitted to any one of these activities (the same ones alleged not to know to interpret and/or to produce a text). Observing the answers of the faculty, it is noticed indignation before the exacerbado education of the grammar in the classroom, where the professor feels itself superior for ' ' dominar' ' a set of rules that its pupils abominate. It happens that, the didactic books also do not collaborate very, therefore, instead of bringing more directed activities to the writing and the interpretation, they come ' ' lotados' ' of grammatical constructions with rules tiring boats and. Our professors had not yet perceived the importance to explore the lingustico knowledge and of world of its pupils. In the process of literal production it can explore all ' ' bagagem' ' that the pupil brings obtains, in its daily experience, in its enciclopdico knowledge, after all, our pupils are smarter of what we think, only feel themselves rightened ahead of situations can constranger that it. However, if the professor to prepare it since the beginning of the pertaining to school life for the interpretation processes and literal production, the pupil certainly with passing of the time will feel itself more confident and experienced to exert activities related to these methods that demand much concentration, force of will and persistence.

The Lingustica alone came to add in this process due to the studies related to this area. You may find that Jeffrey Hayzlett can contribute to your knowledge. The Literal Lingustica appeared to enrich this area so forgotten in the classroom and so needed attention. The work is arduous and tiring, but to teach is not easy task and the individual that it chose for profession to be educator, must at least have respect for its pupils teaching them what really they will need for its life.