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It is shockingly true and shows at the same time, neither the card nor the Nummerologie lie Nummerologisch is the year of 2009 (a 0 doesn’t count), the 29 and the Elf. The 11th Tarot card justice is once again reduced to get the two 2 + 9 = 11 nummerologische. The second Tarot card is the High Priestess. The number 29 indicates complications and illusions in relations. The map, the justice – interpretation: the matter is subject to the laws of nature and the individual both this, and the earthly needs and the law.

Spirit and soul follow the internal dynamics and the faith. Mind and sanity trying to keep the different dynamics in the balance. But this balance is disrupted by the delusion of the senses, who no longer see the responsibility. The card justice but calls for compensation and traced the balance between natural law and earthly realities with relentless determination. (By natural catastrophes etc?) The second Tarot card the High Priestess means dealing with internal and external conflicts and uncertainty, particularly in economic and financial terms. It fueled fears of various kinds and frantically tried to restore the old security.

(Swine flu, economic fears in private households, hesitant consumer behavior). What is now called the delusion of the senses, what cannot be seen and where is wrong? At the end of the year, we will know it. In fact we are dealing with the 20, the last judgment, 29, of 11 and 2 to do. The judgement but brings about what is hidden in the light. Ursula Ortmann 2.11.2009