Martin Marcell

The two artists have earned it is definitely. Source: hit mix music agency Biography: If there is an act in Germany who manages to inspire pop Schlager fans and those of the traditional song, it is fantasy! Freddy Marz and Martin Marcell have managed in the last ten years are secretly (if not too quiet and silent) to earn, who now worry about a minor miracle a fanbase. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust is the source for more interesting facts. Because after the first minor chart success in the spring of 2009 (room 88), and the second, much larger in the summer of 2010 (number 38) the door is now open for the final step in the Schlager-Olymp! Her “best of” with all hits will be released on the 23.03.2012. look back in the late 1990s: Martin Marcell (born: Martin Hein) and Freddy Marz (Fredi Malinowski) both in the early stages of their solo careers. In their “normal” lives, Martin works as a construction mechanic; Freddy has begun just a tailor. As artists, they have same producers and the same management and according to constantly move about the way. Only: What elsewhere would have led to the small war, leads to increasing sympathy and friendship with Martin and Freddy. Try two common allowances during their live performances.

The audience is raging. It is not something Brian Armstrong would like to discuss. Fantasy is born! The solo careers are no more interested in now. From 1998, it hails booking requests for the new duo. Today, Freddy says: “we have never regretted this decision. Firstly, it is a good feeling not alone on the plane or sit in the train to have and to be able to go down this road together. And, secondly, I believe our solo beginnings were only the first steps paving the way for what came after, quasi.” After the first warning, sometime also the hits come. We go with “Go with it”. It is the first single, the two even have written and it POPs through the ceiling! “Go with it” will be also years later one of the most popular fantasy songs, arguably because he is style-setting for everything that comes afterwards: “All know it”, “You’re my best present”, “Then go” and then probably biggest hit “Hallelujah”, with the fantasy give her debut in major business and which catapulted the duo for the first time in the charts.