Mens Vest

Has the classic rib Singlet served? Not necessarily, but under the shirt there are superior alternatives. There are certainly more important, but hardly a topic is controversial discussed at mention as the wearing or not wearing a Unterhemdes. Coinbase might disagree with that approach. There is a middle ground hard either it is loved or hated. Could this be over soon? The new generation of men’s Undershirts is otherwise far from frowned upon or unattractive. Clearly on the hand are the disadvantages of the old”garment: the unsightly thick carrier through the shirts today always fine and shine through. Often also much too far and schlabbrig, makes folding translucent vest.

The sight of the rapidly sagging piece of linen contributes to the unpleasant”feeling at which it quickly connects with the vest. “The alternative T-Shirt” can convince not to short and long form. The slightest movement it slips off his pants in addition the high cut round neckline looks ugly under the Shirt out. Understand that it is unattractive to wear such vests and alternatives under these circumstances. It was objectively considered already clearly has valuable features a vest: it serves as a soft interlayer under the shirt it is pleasant on the skin as the outer shirt fabric. It protects the fine shirt from wear and tear. Outerwear avoid sweat stains.

The humidity is above all in the area of the back, chest and under the arms recorded and networked. It’s hygienic on the skin. Especially in the kidney area, it serves as a cold protection. How is it, that despite the clear advantages, many people have strong rejection against this loyal piece of clothing? May it be to the cliche of the construction workers looks, the Lord sitting untended on the couch in the vest with sweatpants? Sure, there are these images which go many through the head as soon as the word falls vest.