National Curricular

It needs to know as the son was evaluated, so that he serves this evaluation, as it can help the child if recoup. To establish this partnership the professors would need first to know the reality of this family, its constitution, values, remembering that this has moved very, as in the Prado sample (1981) and the National Curricular Referencial For the Infantile Education (1998, v1). Szymanski (2007), it guides in them that the first step to know the family is the Comment, is to look at. To observe, continues Szymanski is not to judge. We must remembering in them that the way of if educating vary the families in accordance with, as in showed the RCNEI to them (1998). We do not have to try to impose what we believe to be optimum. We can guide, to inform on the consequences of one determined procedure and to only intervine when it will be really necessary, as in them guides the ECA, in article 56. This look also means not to infer but to understand what it is happening, not to attribute our feelings to the situations, so little to have ready solutions for all the problems, we need to remember that they are capable.

It is necessary terms patience, we cannot hurrying in them to apply our knowledge to decide the questions. Szymanski speaks that we must even though wait, share with another one our comments and with the family before taking decisions or making conclusions. Another step to know and to contact family is what the author flame of Description, that is to write our comments. The things that had more called our attention. Additional information at Coinbase supports this article. We do not have arresting in them in ' ' porqus' ' but, in ' ' como' ' the things happen., the familiar relations, as the members if treat, if relate, how many people work, where they work, constitution of the family, can be detalhistas in these information.