Sun Electric

Charging stations are still scarce – with removable batteries offer the manufacturers offer a real alternative a beautiful summer day, the Sun laughs and explored the landscape with his electric scooter. But suddenly, the battery is empty and far and wide not load column in sight. This image is driving the beads of sweat on the forehead are still many fans of electric vehicles. While this scenario is long the past thanks to electric vehicles, which are equipped with high-performance removable batteries. Buyer yet insecure it’s no secret: the Germany-wide charging column network for electric vehicles is still significant gaps, even in large cities. Many eco-conscious citizens are already convinced of the advantages of electric mobility.

Finally speak no emissions and noise at very low operating costs. However, the instance of maladministration when it comes to charging infrastructure discourages many yet by the purchase of an electric vehicle. While there is already a real alternative. Replacement batteries create to make independence to customers from the development in the area of the load column network independent, some manufacturers have developed already promising alternatives. So the new electric scooter of emco NOVI by emco can, for example, both with a when run with two identical batteries. With two fully charged batteries in the luggage increases range from 50 to 100 kilometres, so that nothing in the way even a longer ride. An additional benefit provides for more independence: the batteries can be charged easily in the apartment at any 230 volt power outlet.

With the new quick charging system, a full charge takes just 3 hours. EMCO superHEROES tours through the mentioned advantages, soon the emco will benefit superHEROES Germany: two enthusiastic scooter riders, which will start on 31 August for a two-week tour of Germany on an emco electric scooter and back about 2,000 kilometers. On Facebook had emco called to apply as emco superHERO. Here you will be Winners report of your adventures and experiences on the electric cars regularly during your adventure. That and more on emco.elektroroller learn more about the new emco NOVI and many more advantages of electric scooters you will find on