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Webinars from Heidelberg – time and Ortsunabhanig webinars are the magic word – use modern ways of communication independent of place and time to trim your mind on success. Use only a fraction of your possibilities. Start to change it. Each change begins with the idea of. Change – if you now matures the desire, to break out of your situation, to make a difference, then we help you with an unusual and extremely successful online concept. For even more details, read what Chief Business Officer says on the issue. In addition to the daily exercises, internal area and the ability to reach us by mail, we have a live chat every day, also Saturday and Sunday, with which we intensely and directly support our customers. On the same day, find out where the problem is, if you get stuck with an exercise.

No longer despair on tasks and goals, which you yourself have used and which seem unreachable again. In addition to the Coaches Julia and Alexander Nastasi, who launched the program in 2008 in life, enrich the Webinarangebot now Heidi Wallace writes successes as a job coach and has published even a separate book. Also in the boat is Stefan Schilchegger, the Austrians has created a completely new, quick and easy way of coaching with the book and course of the mirror Whisperer and since about a year as online course offers the mirror Whisperer. , Missing only your decision to change your life – do you want so much power? Erfolg.seminar service responsible for this notification seminar service Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel: 06224/924255 seminar service Nastasi deals since May 2008 with the proliferation of online content to the area of the law of attraction, positive thinking and feeling, manifesting, creating your own reality. This uses the Heidelberg company online seminar techniques, known as webinars. Thus, a daily course entry and a competent and complete care at a price affordable for everyone is possible. That was in thousands performed coaching demonstrated.

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On Thursday, the third season of the Web series launches ’30’, the the education campus of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation will accompany until its opening on September 30, 2011. On Thursday, the third season of the Web series starts 30 “, which the education campus of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation will accompany until its opening on September 30, 2011. The interesting question will be: who survived the fatal car accident at the end of the season? Vincent, of friend Lilian, or Robert, who discovered feelings for Lilian now too? And what about the father of Lilian? He survived his heart attack? It is only certain: one of the three will be stepping down from the life of Lilian and thus from the series. After the tragic accident at the end of the second season, we the fans have stretched long enough on the torture. We will dissolve quickly, who survived the deadly events”, producer Simon Hollay by the Agency Magmell promises. But in the future will the series remain exciting and Lilian’s life take new twists as Hollay further. “Our Web series 30” is an exciting and unique in Germany attempt “to arouse enthusiasm for the subject of education”, explain Klaus Czernuska and Dr.

Erhard Klotz, the two managing directors of Dieter Schwarz Foundation, the motivation for the film project. We hope that with this new type of information processing also so far still not training savvy of the population on the importance of education attention will, so Klotz and Czernuska next. The special feature of this series: It combines real information with an acting background story. The ten episodes of the third season will be up to the season finale on July 21 every Thursday on to watch online. All episodes in the first and second series are also still present.

Also launches the third season with a summary of recent events, which allows an easy introduction to the series. With nearly 38,000 calls are the first two seasons of 30 “successful start. The Web series is in three seasons with “ten episodes and a three-part finale the education campus of Dieter Schwarz Foundation and education” to introduce. The name of the series is 30 “(spoken: thirty nine), because she accompanied the campus until its opening on September 30, 2011. Produced 30 “of the Heilbronn-based film and design agency Magmell. There, the scripts are written by Simon Hollay and Andreas Crown corner. The series main actress Nadine Petry. She plays a schoolgirl who finds their way to study in an act of love, intrigue and strokes of fate.

German Association

Improved communication through NLP seminars of the company of Hunting resources in the Science Park in Trier from April 2011. The company of Hunting resources presents new NLP seminars in the Science Park of Trier from April 2011. Markus Hunting (trainer, coach, Lehrtrainer(DVNLP)) will skillfully and easily understandable in the exciting world of pulses.) In modern seminar rooms, in the Science Park of Trier, the essence of the pulses is taught in small groups. Evolve, better relations, successfully communicate obstructive practices, lay off. This includes the extensive applications of neuro linguistic programming (NLP). NLP is a learning tool, no direction of therapy.

It’s about how the brain works; How about learning, emotions, inner ideas and language, and what effects they have each other. In the NLP seminars, hands-on learning methods at the Centre, through which the participants will learn, better to exploit their own resources and represent stands. One causes the experience and the application of NLP formats sustainable improvement of communication me and others, accelerated learning and supports personal and deliberate changes. To learn what and how we perceive our environment, how we process this information on our very own manner and act on this basis, following is the subject of NLP. NLP was developed at the beginning of the 70s and continue innovating. Today NLP is no longer economic, education, in the fields of integral psychology.

NLP is taught in various stages, beginning with the practitioner and ranging to the learning coach about the master of NLP. During 130 hours of training, learn all the basics of the pulses the participants from April 2011 and afterwards prove this with officially recognised testing according to the guidelines of the German Association of NLP (DVNLP) to the practitioner or the master of NLP. The company of Hunting resources information on the company is since 1999 in the coaching, consulting, and training. Markus Hunting (coach, trainer, teaching coach (dvnlp) certs.) to the mediation of conflicts) lecturer applies in this area as experienced individual, small and medium-sized enterprises, institutions and individuals. Headquartered in modern science park in Trier, the company of Hunting resources plays a central and important role in all aspects of coaching, training, and especially in the field of NLP both nationally and regionally. Apart from the own individual Hunting-resources offers project-related know-how through the company’s network and team of experts.