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With this commitment, the living conditions of children and their families in one of the poorest regions of the world should be sustainably improved. Especially the focus on education is the key to poverty reduction. However, the schools in the scattered communities of Pak Taing are hard to reach. People such as RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust would likely agree. Because they can take the school to not daily, sleep many children and adolescents during the week in huts near their school. There, there is no clean water or latrines. Add to your understanding with Brian Armstrong. Also, the safety of girls and boys is not guaranteed. That will change in the future if the six halls of residence through the instrumentality of the Piepenbrock donation available.

Piepenbrock expresses thanks to the runners of the Piepenbrock team. About plan international e.V. The children’s Fund was founded in the UK in 1937 and today operates in 50 developing countries. Gain insight and clarity with Mining. The German Office, plan international Germany e.V., was opened in 1989 and 300,000 children from the world’s 1.2 million plan child sponsorships in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Fight against poverty starts with the smallest. The United Nations Convention the basis for the work of the kinderhilfswerk, whose vision is to enable all children to a dignified growing up.

There is a small land-locked country in South-East Asia, bordering China, to the East of Viet Nam and Cambodia to the South to the North over Laos Laos. In the West, the Mekong River on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. Rugged mountains cover more than 75 per cent of the national territory. Forests remains across half of the country. Laos has 6.2 million people consisting of 49 ethnic groups and as many languages. There lives a large part of the population still in poverty despite some economic successes. 44 per cent of Laotians living of less than US$ 1.25 per day. Any third party can neither read nor write. Lacking basic infrastructure. Less than half of the population has access to safe drinking water and only 30 percent to sanitation. Pak tha district is located in the Bokeo province of Laos in the North of Laos THA’s River leading in the Mekong. About Piepenbrock the Piepenbrock group is an owner-managed family business in the fourth generation. Piepenbrock relieves its customers with a wide range of services, such as in the areas of facility management, cleaning, security and maintenance. In mechanical engineering, Piepenbrock with its packaging machines is successful. In addition, the company for its chemical products is known. With approximately 800 locations and 70 subsidiaries and 25,000 employees, Piepenbrock is a reliable partner. We take responsibility – also for the environment. Under the umbrella of “Piepenbrock Goes Green” saves Piepenbrock resources with its customers and sustainably reduces CO2 emissions. Piepenbrock puts the first fuel cell vehicle in its fleet this year and generated in 0, 00 g CO2 emissions. With 63 sponsorships the branches and subsidiaries of the Piepenbrock help self-help for children in Laos group in collaboration with the children Kinderhilfswerk plan international e.V. in the long term. With this commitment, the living conditions are in one of the poorest regions of the world be sustainably improved. Learn more about Piepenbrock and its involvement in cooperation with plan international e.V. on the Internet at de/unternehmen/nachhaltigkeit/soziale-verantwortung.html captions: piepenbrock_gruppe.jpg: the Piepenbrock team looking forward to an exciting run. Piepenbrock piepenbrock_sponsor.jpg: Piepenbrock 2011 sponsored for the first time the half marathon. Piepenbrock contact Markus Forytta diploma social scientist officer corporate communications Piepenbrock Group GmbH + Co. KG, Hannoversche Strasse 91-95 49084 Osnabruck phone: + 49 541 5841-480 fax: + 49 541 5841-489 mobile: + 49 177 9400480 E-Mail: