Video Operator

Preparing for a wedding takes a very long time. In order to look beautiful on the day of celebration, we spend a huge amount of money. Wedding dress, makeup, hairdo, rental restaurant wedding convoy – all this happy hubbub eventually forgotten. And what is left? Some newlyweds do not pay enough attention to the quality of photos and video. But the happiest moments of your wedding can be imprinted in the best manner. On the video services market is currently a lot of people who recently took the camera in his hands and just decided to make some money. But we must remember that you may disappoint the result of a shooting, but returned moments of your wedding you can not.

If you want to film on your wedding day and enjoyed yourself, and your relatives, and in the future and your children, then you need to find a videographer who would suit you in price and quality. In order to choose the operator to personally meet with him and watch him work. Remember that you do not have to succumb to the entreaties of friends and acquaintances, who may, of course, to consult a "good friend" operator, but their assessment about the operator can koordinalno diverge from yours. What you should look for when choosing videographer: 1. Saturated the colors, whether high sharpness.

Shooting at the entrance is usually occurs when the lack of lighting. You should pay attention to how the image quality in difficult periods of shooting (bride, dancing at a wedding banquet). 2. Frequent use of zoom, and transfer from one chamber object to another is not allowed. In any case, when installing it should be stripped. 3. Check whether the camera videographer Camera light. The use of light allows you to shoot in the dark. 4. Personnel should be butt. Animated transitions – a bad tone. A large number of these transitions indicates unprofessional videographer. You may recall that in feature films as the transition is only used dim or dissolution. In the film frame assembly is always going back to back. 5. Angels, hearts and other savers should not distract you from watching the wedding movie. Savers should be in moderation, otherwise for all of these are not visible themselves newlyweds. The film must be shot using the best angles, and then it all should be well mounted. 6. The film must not be longer than two hours. If the movie is longer, the viewer's attention is no longer focused on the picture it dissipates. Therefore, most feature films are for 1,5-2 hours. Currently, there is a service like version of the wedding. This shortened version has a duration of 30-40 minutes. The film touches all the interesting moments and is very dynamic. 7. Usually videographers offer a preliminary survey before the wedding. You might want to shoot a hen party or stag party. Very beautiful are short films about acquaintance – Love Story. These are the seven main criteria for selecting a video operator for the wedding. But if you say everything in a nutshell, it's experience, knowledge, good technique and, of course, creative ideas operator.