Professor Andrei Gudkov

From now on we saludaremos as the Japanese, who among its virtues is be scrupulously hygienic. Laboratories are made where the more thorough investigations into these massive and dangerous conditions, are centres of prevention and Control of diseases in Atlanta, or the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in English), dependent on the Department of health and human services of the United States Government. Founded in 1946 with 369 employees and a budget of one million dollars, the CDC currently spends 9 billion annual, occupies 15,000 employees with more than 170 different professions, 40 percent have master’s degrees, doctorate 25 percent and 10 percent are physicians. Sixty percent are women. Read more from Uriel Cohen White Bay Group to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They resort to more than 6,000 contractors in other States and countries, and thanks to his discoveries we know how to defend ourselves from the majority of diseases, anthrax and radioactivity.

We know from the CDC anthrax and radioactivity are combated with antibiotics, and that in case of explosion of a dirty bomb (radioactive), necessary to close doors and Windows and turn off the air conditioning. The radioactivity is odourless and colourless. Fortunately, in a leap exorbitant scientist, last week was announced, United States scientists in cooperation with researchers from Israel, they developed a medication to protect humans against nuclear radiation. Medical innovation of Professor Andrei Gudkov, head Cientifico de BioLabs de Cleveland, has extraordinary scope for the free world, which will get an advantage strategic about their enemies, to be able to supply its citizens with effective protection against nuclear terrorist threat once its use is approved. Gudkov discovery has tremendous implications for cancer patients, because it will help physicians more effectively preventing the adverse consequences of radiation therapy, allowing them to apply stronger radiation dose to combat the disease in their patients.


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Riga George Armistead

Words from these letters that are stored in the Gomel State Circus, engraved on the pedestal of the monument. Dog of the Niasvizh castle One of the monuments faithful four-footed friend is in an ancient castle, situated in the town of Niasvizh (Belarus). Niasvizh Castle – a patrimony of princes Radziwill, located 100 km south-west of Minsk. It was built at the turn of the XV-XVI centuries, the famous Italian architect Giovanni Bernardoni, wrote On the hunt – a favorite pastime of Prince Radziwill – once a dog who saved his life.

In honor of his dog set in Nesvizh Radziwill castle monument which is a statue of a greyhound hound with a medal around his neck, sitting on a stone plinth. Monument to a dog in Nesvizh Castle – the oldest monument depicting the animal in Belarus: install it with redevelopment and expansion of the park at the end of the XIX century. Yekaterinburg friends By day the city of Yekaterinburg in late July 2006 near the area in 1905 on the street Weiner found many so-called "original monuments. One of the sculptural compositions called "Friends" (sculptor Boris Klochkov) – is a blacksmith, a dog and a horse. First appeared in Yekaterinburg Arbat smith growth of 2 m 25 cm with a dog, and after a few days and a horse that looks out of "window" of the building. The monument to the mayor in Riga October 18, 2006 was a monument to the mayor of Riga George Armistead, who ran the city from 1901 to 1912 (during this period in the city were built pumping stations, schools, hospitals and other public buildings, and the quality of life improved significantly Riga).

Winter Tourism In Mendoza

When we think of holidays in the snow in the Republic Argentina, immediately arises of Mendoza Province as one of the tourist destinations privileged to do so. Located more than 1,000 km to the West of the city of Buenos Aires, a large number of roads in excellent condition linked Mendoza with the rest of the country, making it the epicenter of local tourism winter vacation. The beauty of the Andean landscape offers the ideal framework for the practice of activities in the snow, in addition to the developed local tourist infrastructure, it becomes tourism Mendoza in one of the main economic activities of the area. The ski resorts of the province of Mendoza are characterized by the quality of its snow, and the level of hotel services that lathe coalesce it. Mendoza offers a variety of ski resorts, such as las Lenas, Los Penitentes, Vallecitos, and springs. The uniqueness that is detaca in these winter resorts it has ideal tracks for those who are taking their first steps in the snow, but also for expert skiers who come from around the world attracted by some of the most extensive tours in the valle de las Lenas direct descent it predominates by its modern facilities, and the hotel range that is located around this natural Valley that offers incredible quality tracks and means of transport for approximately 10,000 skiers per hour. Some hotels allow deposit visitors directly on the ski slopes, due to its proximity with them.

The family will know find perfect in las Lenas activity, since it is also possible to have fun aboard sleds or snowboarding. Las Lenas is located 400 km from the city of Mendoza, and slightly less than 1200 of the city of Buenos Aires. The closest to the city Mendoza ski slope is Vallecitos, distant only 80 km of this important city. The Centre has seven lifting equipment, with a capacity to carry 2400 skiers to the Summit more than 2900 m of height, who may enjoy over 4 km and a half tracks. Vallecitos constitutes the getaway ideal for who stays in a hotel five stars in Mendoza and cannot go in the region without having known fantastic Andean snow. Vallecitos allows to organize an excursion of one day’s duration, and may return to Mendoza after having enjoyed an intense day of fun in the snow.

Immediate Necessities

Lay 2-State: The society starts to defend the religion, each one with its belief and faith. Today, orientation of Lay State is the one that has a bigger predominance in the society. Lay 3-State Influenced by the Church: The church starts to have greater participation in the politics, influencing the population in programs politicians and the election of religious representatives. This last situation is directly on to the Religious Marketing, but she is necessary to analyze the context of ampler form so that if they can appreciate the transformations that come happening in the current market of religious ideas. To understand the nature of the religious products, she is necessary to analyze which is the product offered for the churches and what the fidiciary offices really look visiting such institution. These products vary since corporeal properties as: crucifixos, images, t-shirts, chaveiros, penxses, until psychological goods as: trips, pills, promises of cure, etc. Alone in Brazil exist about four a thousand points of sales of these products. The same Gil Nuno Vaz (1995, p.351) establishes that you distress, them are the biggest reasons so that people appeal the certain religions.

These you distress can be classified as frustration, hurts and lamentations for the economic and social situation. In such a way, the people look religious products so that they can satisfy its necessities. The table below represents some examples of reasons that take the people the certain churches: Table 3? Benefits of the religious products REASONS OF the GROWTH OF SEITAS% Promises of Cura34 Poverty/Misria23 Immediate Necessities (Food, clothes) 21 Busca Espiritual20 Busca de Milagres8 Research of multiple answers. (Gil Nuno Vaz, 1995) the type of behavior that the person goes to develop inside of the organization is resulted of the reason stimulated that to look it a religious conviviality. ' ' It has people that they search answers for its only exclusive benefit.