Hamlet Kant

I was in the kitchen. You'll be dad complain? So I have it the same opinion. Oh, not my dad And, this, please complain You see that from the Roman Catholic weaned, it is necessary first to her priluchit I do not like Catholics? I do not like the Germans? What do you mean, crazy, reader? Yes all I love. I have a childhood friend – a Catholic monk. What do you mean personal contacts do not matter? Listen, you do where did my reader? And as you until the thirty-first chapter, with such suspicion to get there? Oh, put in the service? Well, then be quiet and listen more ". Imagine a hamster with classical and literary name of Hamlet, who "all summer preparing for hibernation – read German philosophers. Usually read 'Critics Pure Reason 'Kant enter it into stuporoznoe state period at least three months.

And then he sent Kant new work – 'Critique of dirty madness' – and he will now get up. " In general, the novel "Maskin" remarkably suitable for family reading nights and for children's reading. The apparent "childishness" of presentation conceals serious ideas. Even children will understand and realize these ideas a little later, but the first stirrings of true values will already be laid down in the showers. For example, communication Maskina with moose: "- And you live well? – Asked Maskin. – Yes, some out there! – Elk antlers waved. – All my life working on a moose and a half rate.


Elves live in forests and are nocturnal, their main occupation – these are games and dances. Elves are very similar to us humans, but they are smaller, finer and finer. Places where the night elves dancing, called "elf circles, and their easy to learn, because for some unknown reasons, the grass on the ground the night elf dance is growing particularly violent. Follow others, such as Chevron U.S.A. Inc, and add to your knowledge base. There is a belief that if the tired traveler lie down to rest at night under the hill, he could hear the amazingly beautiful music and singing elves that inhabit this mound. Sufficiently rare to find mention of flying elves. This little creatures with wings, or a virgin, can turn into swans. Also among the forest spirits are mentioned elves that live in trees. They are always female.

In wood elves have one flaw – they are hollow in the back. For this reason, these elven women try not to turn their backs to avoid being exposed. In the Danish tradition the same flaw affects all elven female and male elves in these stories are presented as the elders in a hat with wide brim. The Danes are afraid to approach the elves, because of their belief, breathing these supernatural creatures can carry infectious diseases to humans. The Scots are also afraid of the elven breathing.


It was something higher, but at the same time, and deeper, and more! My thoughts strayed again and I thought about the coming dawn, which I have already met in the No matter in what time (although your sunrises should always be considered, because you do not know is that you ask, for example, the universe or better yet, your cell phone after his death). Left for the summer, but cold and a particularly Silent balcony. Lit. Before me as always been one and the same pattern, which a month ago has attracted my immobility, blue, maybe even in his own eyes destkie. "Today, especially blue sky" – thought I did not even aware of it. Yes, it was just dark blue. No, it was not terrible, it just fine, but it is so annoying that a sense of humility and a sense of self-hatred with great speed series Speed Again that word! Why is it here? I threw a cigarette, not finished smoking it, even though the national bank cards in my wallet was worthless is not much. Why again is the word pierced into my mind? Why? What it wants from me? Apparently it means no! It does not means! It instructs me to correct my thinking as the rainy sky gray body.

I returned to my previous thoughts on DVD-rum. He needs the speed. But if a lot of speed, he breaks down No, he did not break, but it breaks something else, because he can not from what they gave him to survive to die. And then my mind instantly absorbed the thought of it After all, when she was a lot of people start to get lost in life and "die." For it is because of her people live. It its someone Principal gave us to survive in the world and someone very tricky it's not liking it and its first port, and we just its ! But while here Speed? What the hell Speed! In my head is already whirling thought of extraterrestrial happiness about it. Thoughts broke off DVD-rum slowly began to suffocate

General Physics

Although there is today considerable number of telescopes lens diameter of several meters and the design of even larger telescopes with objective diameter of tens of meters, 1800-mm telescope is an instrument not more typical for amateur observations, and the property of their serious scientific observatories. Therefore, when observations of Uranus with small telescopes, the surface brightness is reduced in its pursuit of a desire to see the drive. The Hayzlett Group can aid you in your search for knowledge. For example, a 300-mm telescope surface brightness of Uranus at a magnification of 300 times is 111-126 Kat and close to the critical value of 100 Kate, below which distinguish the true color of a celestial object is impossible. In 110-mm telescopes at a multiple of 169 increase in the surface brightness of Uranus is equal to 47-53 Kat and comparable surface brightness brightest planetary nebulae. Apparently this explains the very name of these nebulae – planetary – for their resemblance to pale disks of Uranus and Neptune. Surface brightness of Neptune (m = 7,7 m-7, 8m; A = B = 2,2 ‘-2,3’) of 2030-2037 Kat. Minimum increase for distinguishing disk of Neptune is approximately equal to 140h. Even though the disk of Neptune, too, no specific details with Earth’s surface can not be considered, yet it is desirable to consider himself bigger disk, and hence an increase in use 500-600x.

These values increases close to the limit because of the influence of the atmosphere by land increases, and even with 500-millimeter telescopes, the surface brightness of Neptune is only ten Kate, sending Neptune in the discharge is bright planetary nebulae. By unexplained randomness true colors of Uranus and Neptune were consistent with the colors of night blindness and, perhaps, the transition from the true colors of twilight will happen is not very noticeable. However, given the maximum possible reduction of 282.24 times the surface brightness telescope, even a fairly bright Saturn may lose its true golden-yellow color as its surface brightness does not exceed 21 000 Kat. Such a transition from course yellow to colorless gray is clearly visible. In result of losing the ability to see the object in color and deteriorating visibility of fine details of the object. This is due to the transition from cone vision device on the Rod. Opportunity to appear true color Pluto requires a more detailed study.

The remaining planets in our solar system are high surface brightness and remain visible in their true colors at all useful magnification telescope.