Brazilian Grand Prix

Let’s start with a sensational 2010 season which brought us to Brazil, to pole position in our Red Bull today, and not even Ferrari … and rookie championship, the winner of last year’s series GP2 – Nico Hulkenberg for Williams. And the sensation is more, not that he took first place on the grid, but the fact that “Iron middling “Williams was able to bring more than a second per lap to his closest pursuer – Sebastian Vettel to Red Bull. Such we have not seen this season, even from the “master skill” of Red Bull. Will Nico something nebudu oppose faster competitors, who are also fighting for the championship, will race. For engines with Cosworth – this is the first pole position since 1999. Stands for the fans in Brazil, beaten to the limit, all Brazilians are waiting win one of their favorites: Felipe Massa (Ferrari), Rubens Barrichello and (Williams).

Such a number of supporters and emotions, we can not meet anywhere else, except that only from the Italian tifozi … Behind Hulkenberg start Four contenders for the title: Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), Mark Webber (Red Bull), Lewis Hamilton (McLaren), Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), so that the fight promises to be intense. Another contender – Jenson Button, who survived Saturday evening an armed attack in an attempt to “buddy Sao Paulo, starts only 11-meters – probably during the weekend the Briton was unable to find the optimum balance for his McLaren in the race, he will lose even the mathematical chances to defend the world title. There were no penalties at the start: two riders – Sebastien Buemi and Adrian Sutil lost five positions on the start to address the Grand Prix stewards of Korea for violations in the last race. And Bruno Senna (HRT) for replacement of the gearbox lost five seats and now starts 29-m …

joke … it has nothing to lose as it was last up fine, and so – there is a benefit for the Brazilian. Start! Vettel taking advantage of slipping tires Williams Hulkenberg passes him just before the first corner, for Niko on this it’s over, and say just begun … At Jeffrey Hayzlett you will find additional information. after Vettel beat his second Red Bull of Mark Webber. Petrov after the start of fall back to the penultimate place after place on the grass in the struggle with rivals, and now has to make its way forward.


For the vast majority of our citizens car has long ceased to be a measure of luxury, becoming, as it should be in developed countries, a convenient means of personal transportation. But, unfortunately, not everyone acquire a reliable iron friend can afford to buy brand new car of foreign production. And with even greater regret to note that the attempts of domestic car industry, even in the face its the best new designs, and did not become a worthy substitute for well-known foreign analogues were in use or in terms of comfort, either in terms of quality. And the relationship is so important for a buyer for the option 'price – The quality 'of new domestic cars, and does not hold water. Simply put, we can say that what for so long and tedious to say the Bolsheviks, to everyone's sincere regret, never happened. Hundreds of thousands of our citizens, having an average level of material security, choose the second-hand, but not become it worse, the cars of foreign production.

These things phenomenon has absolutely nothing to do with lack of patriotism and even more so, for lack of love for the motherland. In this case, all the trite and simple. Second-hand cars of foreign production significantly better, more comfortable and, most importantly, safer domestic. To this list must be added the real steps of our state to a market economy, as it is known to be guided by only one principle – the economic benefit and feasibility. Agree more serious arguments can not be found. .