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Half urban, what one meets? Many people, building, houses, cars, bus, sidewalk, asphalt, pollution (air, water and land), aggression to the environment (fauna and flora)? antropognicos impacts, that is, action of the man to modify the natural one constituted of the nature, imposing it scaffoldings of iron and false cement rocks and concrete. Until where […]

Visual Arts

The tutor must have a good equipment and brought up to date technological resources, with plug-ins of also audio and video installed, beyond a good connection with the Web. The tutor must have participated of at least a course of qualification for guardianship or a course online; , using the same preferential surrounding where he […]


You do not participate in many, adds your company/signature with connections but with 1 or 2 sufficient Photos, the idea to participate in a forum is to be active, if you use the accounts soo to say ” well dicho” or things therefore are going to you to eliminate the account and you will waste […]

The Andra

Lesbian pupils with marcantes traces of feminilidade. Boys who represent the masculinidade. ' ' It is exactly this convivncia of several of these vises of articulated individual and the citizen to the social one, to the question of the Real and the truth that goes to empty in the paradoxes that express the complexity of […]