Literal Lingustica

Consideraes Final the construction of this work on the importance of the Lingustica in the construction and interpretation of texts was based on an interview with pupils of 3 year of the average education of the state net, where if it evidenced a lack when the pupils were submitted to any one of these activities (the same ones alleged not to know to interpret and/or to produce a text). Observing the answers of the faculty, it is noticed indignation before the exacerbado education of the grammar in the classroom, where the professor feels itself superior for ' ' dominar' ' a set of rules that its pupils abominate. It happens that, the didactic books also do not collaborate very, therefore, instead of bringing more directed activities to the writing and the interpretation, they come ' ' lotados' ' of grammatical constructions with rules tiring boats and. Our professors had not yet perceived the importance to explore the lingustico knowledge and of world of its pupils. In the process of literal production it can explore all ' ' bagagem' ' that the pupil brings obtains, in its daily experience, in its enciclopdico knowledge, after all, our pupils are smarter of what we think, only feel themselves rightened ahead of situations can constranger that it. However, if the professor to prepare it since the beginning of the pertaining to school life for the interpretation processes and literal production, the pupil certainly with passing of the time will feel itself more confident and experienced to exert activities related to these methods that demand much concentration, force of will and persistence.

The Lingustica alone came to add in this process due to the studies related to this area. You may find that Jeffrey Hayzlett can contribute to your knowledge. The Literal Lingustica appeared to enrich this area so forgotten in the classroom and so needed attention. The work is arduous and tiring, but to teach is not easy task and the individual that it chose for profession to be educator, must at least have respect for its pupils teaching them what really they will need for its life.

Identity And Differences

The present study results of done research as work of conclusion of course for After-graduation Latu Sensus Docncia of Superior Ensino, with the inquiry objective the constitution of the identity and differences of the carrying pupils of deficiencies and its inclusion in the pertaining to school scope. For the accomplishment of this study I used techniques and instruments of the qualitative research for production and analyses of the data, as research narrative, has seen the interest in developing a work that potencialize the inclusion of these pupils. The study it is based on theoreticians, such as: Arruda (1988), Fonseca (1991), Jimenez (1998) and Declaration of Salamanca, amongst others, for signaling the constitution of the identity of the carrying pupil of deficiency as continuous movement involving the citizen in its totality. In this scope the identity of carrying pupil of deficiencies can develop itself through the art, of the movements, physical education and of the social contact. Coinbase can provide more clarity in the matter. I enhance that the results of this research can contribute with reflections concerning practical the pedagogical one with inclusion pupils to improve the conviviality and the learning of these pupils. Word-key: Identity of the pupil.

Carriers of deficiencies. Identity and Differences. Jeffrey Hayzlett may also support this cause. 1. INTRODUCTION the Brazilian Education, in a general way, passes for a process of transistion of paradigms. One of them can be translated in the following way: we cannot more speech of pupil or special person, but of pupil or different person. The concept of different is more including of what the concept of special, therefore in it the carriers of deficiency, but all do not include themselves only the minorities that come fighting for affirming its differences. Therefore, we must understand the knowledge as construction from partner-cultural conditions that they search to integrate all.

Quality Of Teaching Life

QUALITY OF TEACHING LIFE Ana Rbia Cirino Appeared Mnica de Jesus Nvia Jesus of the Patrician Carmo Sousa Pink Rodrigues Fernandes Rock Rosiene Sousa Saints 1 SUMMARY: This article is about a qualitative study whose objective is to approach on the quality of life of the professor (a), as the situations faced in the exercise of the profession influences the personal life of this professional and affects its health. For the development of this work, some readings and interviews with professors of the basic education of the public net had been carried through, in the city of Victory of the Conquest Ba. By means of the interviews it was possible to perceive and to better understand the subject according to look at of who lives this reality. Word-key: Profession. Quality of life. Professor Introduction As any professional, or as any worker, the professionals of the docncia meet with the inevitable evolution appeared in the end of century xx, unchaining some problematic questions for the field of education and mainly in the position of the teaching work, in its professional and personal life. This comes happening due to a set of heterogeneous circumstances, as the sped up development of the medias and the technological ways, thus breaching with the traditional barriers of time and space, transforming the world into a global and only system. The professional of the teaching faces innumerable difficulties in the exercise of its teaching profession. Amongst these difficulties they meet it lack of recognition on the part of the governing and the society, the pertaining to school environment many times inadequate for optimum development of its activity, and the illnesses reach that them. They are these professionals which come being attributed diverse functions in the daily one of its activities of work Teaching profession The teaching work is an activity psicossocial, that if develops in space contexts, secular, social, organizativos, with educative value and that in each circumstance it has singular and only aspects.

The Domination

(2002, P. 186). Inside of the component politician, speech in full autonomy is only possible from the optics of who wants to impose a speech, to exert the domination, to overlap it excessively. Educate yourself with thoughts from Chevron. The speech and the practical politics of release are constructed from a notion of autonomy possible, however not full. In thinking of Cassol (2006), the autonomy is a ethics and citizenship, coherence question. We need to believe it, difundiz it and to enter into an alliance themselves. More still, she is necessary to incorporate it. To understand it as a conquest.

This point of view comes to coincide with what Freire (1997) when affirming that thinks to teach respect to the autonomy of the pupil. ' ' The respect to autonomy and to the dignity of each one is an ethical imperative and a favor that we can or not to grant ones outros.' ' (p.66). It does not have as to speak in autonomy without sending in them to the questions of the professionalism, the daily one of the professor, its relations and you strike of day-by-day. It directly is referenciada the questions as: time of the professor, conditions of work, didactic material of support, incentive of the direction, wage, etc. ' ' That is, the autonomy in education is in such a way a labor law as a necessity educativa.' ' (CONTRERAS, 2002, P.

195). In the optics of this exactly author, is a construction and not a previous requirement that we possess for the action. The important one of this perspective is that autonomy is not accurately one condition that if it possesss as requisite previous to the action. Understood as quality in the form for which in we lead, understood circumstantially, the professional autonomy is a construction that speaks in such a way of the form for which if it acts professionally as in the desirable ways of social relation.

Municipal School Shining River

Teacher PR tells: The subject of the project ' ' Histories in quadrinhos' ' related with the use of the technologies it was the moment more waited by the pupils who were anxious for the creation of histories in the computer using educative software HagQu, the result waited for me was excellent, I was satisfied with the final productions. Of this form, it is important to add that, to work with this diversified activity assisted in the performance of the pupils in what it says respect to the creation of texts, interpretation, reading and creativity. To finish the project, being searched to carry through an evaluation regarding the understanding of the pupils with regard to histories in quadrinhos, he was requested that these presented its histories elaborated for all pertaining to school community using backward the projector had previously presented histories produced in the computer, explaining step by step its history, some pupils had been chosen pra to make dramatizaes of created histories, in the patio of the school had made the exposition of comicses made in the room of lesson and in the room of educational technology. Details can be found by clicking Chevron or emailing the administrator. FINAL CONSIDERAES the objective of this work were to carry through a study on the Use of HagQu Software as Pedagogical Tool in the Creation of Histories in Quadrinhos: a strategy of education for the pupils of 5 year of the Municipal School Shining River, located in the city of Shining River. The first step of the work was to identify through studies the possibility to develop the capacity of the pupils if to express verbally by means of the writing and, the ideas contained in the texts and the proper ideas exercising the mechanisms of formal estruturao, perfecting the objetividade and clarity of exposition of the thought. The work also searched to stimulate the creativity of the pupils being used itself of the personal knowledge for the production of histories in quadrinhos, by means of the use of the tools of the HagQu program in the computer, aiming at the reinforcement of the construction of the knowledge of significant form so that the educandos identified by means of reading interpretation of texts, the linguistic marks and the indicating visual elements of actions that allow the construction of sensible of histories. Rio- Tinto Diamonds has firm opinions on the matter.

Social Networking

The social network Facebook has not only consolidated as the more powerful social platform of history, but also, thanks to the vision of its creators business, consolidates as the most powerful platform of business of the present moment. A great example on how to leverage the underlying opportunities in the crisis that has its b side as all business models It is necessary to know mistakes in order to learn their lessons in the future. The creator of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg took major decisions that led to the social network to be transformed into what it is today, however, not all were hits let’s see the big mistakes of Facebook was during the 2007 fiscal year when the social network launches Beacon, tool that allows online purchases and did not have any success due to lack of privacyan initiative that eventually ended by disappear the past 2009. Security and privacy, this is still a great challenge for the social network, but it was in 2006 when a few photos published served as the starting point to the new policy of Privacy due to some photos of a relative of President Bush at a party. The same year of the disappearance of Beacon, a leak coming from the source code of the social network caused that this was published online, unleashing terror among users until the social network reported that the leak did not focus more than the operation of the interface. 2009 was also a hectic year for creators and users of the social network, these last had the feeling that the social network was intended to steal the personal information of users, which caused a great stir and correction of information by Facebook. In the same year, Facebook Redesign two away from the home, which caused the rejection of more than 2 million users. A brief computer error allowed users access to private conversations of other users and even though the social network was soon resolved the incident, this was a turning point for Facebook relating to privacy which has not yet been able cover in their totality. Finally, an error that directly affected the reputation of its creator, was caused after an interview with the media in which the aspects inherent to the security and privacy of users got confused and nothing convincing answers from the creator and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, although the trajectory of the social network and its growingimportance in the world of business and employment, let this incident only to remember. More than a story of mistakes, this is intended to be an information to take into account in the elaboration of any company destined to starting up an online business plan, only taking into account the mistakes of the past is that they can be avoided in the future, especially when the future comes from technology where here and now is in itselfdynamic and vertiginous.

The Pedagogia

The professor of Infantile Ensino has the paper in such a way to educate as to take care of, having to become accessible all the children, indiscriminately, elements of the culture that enrich its development and social insertion. He fulfills a paper socializador, propitiating the development of the identity of the children, by means of diversified, carried through learnings in interaction situations. In the institution of infantile education, he can yourself be offered to the children conditions for the learnings that occur in the tricks and those happened of intentional pedagogical situations or learnings guided for the adults. It is important to stand out, however, that these learnings, of diverse nature, occurs in way integrated in the process of infantile development. To educate mean, therefore, to propitiate situations of cares, tricks and guided learnings of integrated form and that they can contribute for the development of the infantile capacities of interpersonal relation, of being and being with the others in a basic attitude of acceptance, respect and confidence, and the access, for the children, to the knowledge amplest of the social and cultural reality.

In accordance with Eloisa Acires Candal, in its article ' ' The Pedagogia and the education infantil' ' (Magazine Iberoamericana de Educacin, n.22, 2000), ' ' in the education of the lesser children of 6 years in day-care centers and daily pay-schools, the cultural, social and familiar relations have a still bigger dimension in the pedagogical act. Although the commitment with one ' ' result escolar' ' that the school prioritizes and that, in general, results in one standardization, is in game in the Infantile Education the guarantees of the rights of the children to well-being, the expression, the movement, the security, the trick, the nature, and also to the produced knowledge and to produce. If to take the privileged school as local for the formation means to leave of ' ' knowledge of most systematic and desenvolvido' ' to understand ' ' systematic the least and desenvolvido' ' , to make the inverse movement can disclose to characteristics and peculiarities of other educative contexts in process of constituio.' ' In interview, the Patrician teacher Roberta Koury, graduated Pedagogia for the UNISO, declares that ' ' the importance of the education of the infantile education is that it is the base of everything. It is in the infantile education that the human being is constructing its identity; as we know, until the 6 years the windows of the aptitudes are opened and need to stimulate them therefore this influence in all its life. importance of the paper of the teacher of infantile education is to be intent the necessities of the pupils offering chances so that they advance in pleasant way in this so important stage. Our objectives are to give conditions so that our pupils obtain to exceed the barriers of the reading and writing in playful way e, in the end of each year, the accomplishment is gratificante.' ' The Patrician teacher leciona in the municipal school Jose Mendes, the street Prof. Seting Rizzo, 554 – Hungars Garden, in Sorocaba.

Kioto Agreement

Once again a very important Summit for those who fails there were this plans Earth, where was not obtained its objective and as it comments very well. The summit of Copenhagen on the climate constitutes a failure that decreases the social credit of the UN and proves the incapacity of the leaders of the planet to put itself in agreement in an essential common project for the survival of the Humanity. Susan-Wojcicki is open to suggestions. Thus the North American newspaper comments, that the world-wide press sets out its perception exceeds she, for example " The Washington Times" it has denounced " fracaso" of the leaders of the world to reach pacts, evoking " cold day for Obama in Dinamarca". For " The Washington Post" , that spoke of an agreement " devoid of ambicin" , " governments must do it mejor". The newspaper insists to the American Senate to adopt the legislation on the climate, at the moment blocked in the Congress. For the Danish newspaper " Berlingske Tidende" , of preservative ideas, " the leaders of the world were prepared, at a certain time, to conclude an agreement, will that was not in cita". Although " most chaotic of the conferences it must give to the United Nations reasons for a great examination of conciencia" , according to an editorial of this newspaper.

For " Politiken" , of centroizquierda, " the failure is global, not local". " The reality is that the world is not sufficiently mature to be governed in comunidad" , it adds. " The fiasco of Copenhagen or the limits of the Government mundial" , &quot has titled the French newspaper; Him Monde" , according to which " the meeting turned towards the disorder and illustrated the increasing force of China". The adopted text " it leaves the philosophy of the protocol of Kioto, that imposed a limitation of reduction of the gas discharges of greenhouse effect to his participantes" , &quot added rotativo the Portuguese newspaper of reference; Wage of Noticias" it emphasizes: " The system of multilateral negotiation proven by United Nations has been a failure and it will not solve the problem that threatens the Humanidad".

Child Professor

The art in the education is a pedagogical resource that favors to the new professors methodologies to be worked with the pupils, oportunizando activities who can develop the motor, affective and cognitivas potentialities of the same ones, and on the basis of what it affirms Fusari that: ‘ ‘ … the professor is one of the responsible ones for the success of this transforming process, when helping the pupils to improve its practical and theoretical sensibilidades and to know … ‘ ‘ (FUSARI, 2001, P.

53). Being thus, the paper of the professor is to investigate as to work the art with its pupils of form who satisfy the two parts, and that the results are efficient in the intellectual life of the pupil. 3 THE PAPER OF THE MEDIATING PROFESSOR IN THE EDUCATION OF THE ARTS The infantile universe of education is known that basic I, needs to be stimulated and expanded, however, the professional of the education, in special the professor of this etria band, becomes of basic importance at this moment, a time that, the education of the arts contributes in significant way in the process of learning of the child. In this direction the perfectioning lack many times is the main factor of interference in not the psicomotor, intellectual and social development of the child. The necessity of the continued formation if becomes necessary in the search of the professor for extending its knowledge interdisciplinares. Fusari affirms that, ‘ ‘ The art professor constructs and transforms its work into its daily customs, the synthesis between the action and the reflection. is in this direction that it needs to know art and to know to be art professor; to know the contents and the procedures so that the pupil of them if aproprie’ ‘ (FERRAZ and FUSARI, 1992, P.

Maria Lucena Aid Rasp School

Having as the text ' ' As I construct to teacher in my trajectory profissional' ' , of Maria Marina Days Cavalcante and Maria Lucena Aid Rasp, I will go to display my construction as teacher, has two years, in the College Heart of Jesus. To be teacher is not easy task ahead of the reality of our country and front to the difficulties found in our current system of education. Our pupils already do not have the competitive spirit and the anxiety to reach optimum for itself through the knowledge. We, professors, are at the mercy of of results little waited, ' ' vendendo a product that few are interested in comprar.' ' Then, as to act front to this reality? The search for the stonecutting of the quality of what we make has become the main focus for survival of our profession. It is necessary that let us be made use, if we really intend to teach, to continue learning to the long one of all our life.

Our disposal in learning more is not the sufficient, is necessary also to be open the changes in our paradigms. An ideal is that each professor always develops its abilities, being opened for new concepts and models, developing, thus, its educative action, that strong is related with the existing relations in the pertaining to school environment, either with the pupil, either with colleagues. If the relation in the school well will not be decided and directed, the proper transmission of the contents finishes being seriously affected. It is more than what clearly that the paper of the professor goes well beyond the docncia and of the walls of the classroom. This will have to be reflective, influencing, of construtivista form, the experience and exercise practical of educating, making to learn not only them also for the course of the events and for the programmed speech of the words. The school does not have to be seen as physical space for the pupils, it only must be, more than what, agent never compromised to the personal and social development of its educandos. It fits to the professor to explore these abilities, exploring the cultural, social wealth and the essence of each being in formation. The professor is the bridge enters the different existing relations in the school, it if he relates with its familiar pupils and, with the direction and system of pertaining to school education.

In each one of these relations it has involved important things. For in such a way, the professor must exert its paper inquiring concerning its professional responsibility while and citizen. is in the classroom that many of these projects take form, therefore is there that the pupils and professors pass most of its time, and the limits of this space must be respected, being used as educative place, in which the professor will have the mission to display its lessons of creative form, using equipment and making critical and interesting boardings with the contents in course, stimulating the pupil to be an active being, and not more passive, in the focadas quarrels. The pupil of the future will have that, today, to be modifier and actuator of its proper reality, inside of the society where he is inserted!