Samuel Akinin Levy

When distress to our problems we occasionals, when the pain before a loss is stinging, when there are no answers and fear eats our mind, it is the opportunity to move to the alleged fate (God), what might happen to us. Judaism per se is a kind of educational doctrine, which undertakes the washing of the hands before eating any food. (health behavior) teaches us to get us out of bed and thank God for having had the opportunity to stay alive one more day, (recognition of our weaknesses) thanks to nature for the fruits that it offers and usually it do with a prayer before you try it. He is sorted we serve our children, raise them, educate them, bless them before meals each day and go to sleep, we must by law, teach them to read and write, custom that comes from thousands of years ago and that the people of the book is has called us. For even more opinions, read materials from Rod Brooks. Upon reaching the age of thirteen, we attach the man full responsibility for their actions. We see that maturity must involve with the fulfillment of orders and of good manners. We celebrate each week on Friday night and then Saturday at noon a family meal, in the same way that our respect blackout dates and the benefits and or pains of our people, all those moments in which we learn to love us and respect us, are images that we set in our hearts many of the beings that elapse of time sometimes and unfortunately, we have to remember.

I can follow detailing the meaning of Judaism, could narrate things which are written in our sacred scriptures, that if we are going to see are finally and after the basis for the other two monotheistic religions that exist and which remain in force. But I think that what is relevant is the achievement of Judaism to which has meant to the world. The vast majority of Nobel prizes have been distributed among members of our community. Medicine and each of the other sciences have seen welcomed the scopes that are achieved when a community has as main objective studies. (he is thy God.) Arguably as in all great spectrum, there also fanatical sectors that do not I like, also people that takes advantage of and during the evil alien, but what is worth and represents us is the most, our village is a community with justice, mercy and above all with love. It is very strange, almost impossible that any of our members are convicted of crimes, since it has inculcated us the commandment of thou shalt not kill and this is a human stamp, which us we do not want to break off. Samuel Akinin Levy original Autor and source of the article.

That Is The Technology Acoustic

Perhaps this the first time you heard the words acoustic technology and perhaps wondering who is and it does. This is the most modern technology to induce altered States of consciousness. It is not only the most effective of all but the most modern that its requirements are minimal and their amazing results. What it mean to induce altered States of consciousness? It means that with this technology you can carry your brain to a level identical to that which is achieved with years of meditation and constant in any spiritual discipline practices. But not only that. This technology also serves to achieve normal States of consciousness, which cured it. For example you can cure insomnia, achieve your brain this awake, achieve sleep with awareness, etc.

This technology is so new and effective that few people have heard it, but the few who have tried it have achieved surprising results. What is it that makes this technology so special? Several things. One of them is the speed with which acts. You You can achieve a specific State of consciousness in just 8 minutes of use. Another advantage is that this technology almost always works the first time. And if it does it the first time achieved it in less than ten days. Which system gives you always operate with any person and in just 8 minutes? Another advantage of this technology is that it doesn’t require any specific equipment to work. You can use it in your computer, your mp3 player, your DVD or Cd Player, etc.

If you are a person, for example, who has been willing to check that of astral travel, perhaps he was surprised when he read a book and they told him it would take months or years to achieve having an experience of these. That was perhaps discouraged it. But this acoustic technology will make you experience your first voyage ASTRAL in 8 minutes or less. Perhaps you are less than two hours to have scientific verification of the existence of other planes of consciousness. You may be an atheist, perhaps may be religious, is spiritualist. No matter, the facts speak for themselves and this technology will take you to discover other parts of your being that you didn’t know but they are there, waiting for you. If you know more of this technology and what you can do for you, visit: there you can read some testimonials from users who have experimented with this technology and have obtained amazing results. Original author and source of the article.

Functions Perfect Logo

It has long been known that the visual image of the company plays an important role in its positioning. Therefore, more and more companies that previously did not even have their logo in any way except as a document, word, now turn in advertising agencies and design studios for the development of corporate identity. But what really should be expected from the logo, as the concept of more extensive than that of simply a beautiful icon? What are the functions it performs as an integral part of the corporate identity? Decided to allocate the following functions: Actual Expressive Referent impressive poetic meta-Let us consider each of them. In fact – this is what appears directly before our eyes, this logo looks like we will see a variety of media: billboards, business cards, posters on the site. This is a channel between you and .

– this is what your company is the world a message your mission, values, principles, expressed in the style of font and the sign in color gamme.Referentnaya – the message about the product or service offered by the company. The perfect logo will indicate accurately the scope of of the company. Read more from Susan-Wojcicki to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Impressive – This is what the consumer must feel looking at the logo. Which would not consider myself a company in the minds of consumers is another. The creator of the logo must consider how it customers will see. Poetic – there's nothing definite, different people the same image can say quite different things, might like, and may alienate. Metalinguistic – informational message code, and referring customers directly to a particular brand. Even if a person's eye will notice the logo, for example, they passed signs on the car, he must understand that this is the company that he is seeking. Of course, no logo, no can fully meet all of these functions have to sacrifice something, but, nevertheless, these positions will help evaluate the effectiveness of the logo.

Decorated Society

He does not mean that the society has not accepted, but express the adequacy of the individual what the society judges adequate and inadequate. Fashion is also behavior. 5 CONCLUSION Many comments can be considered when studying the fashion as form of reproduction of the society. The indumentria is universally used to differentiate the sexos, but nor always it was thus. In the Europe of century XIV the fashion was used for the classrooms highest to distinguish diversities from classroom, but not differences of sex or sort. While masculine fashion and the feminine one enters the classrooms highest if they become more distinct, thus also happens with its identities of sort.

In a similar way, while the women continue to be more or less decorative as they were before, the less decorative men are if becoming each time and acquiring lesser visibility. Summarizing, before the women were discreter and pompous when dressing, to revs of today, where the exposition of some parts of the body if became a sensuality signal. Already the men, have times behind were fancier, to the step that today are contained and do not search air more cool, pulling for one I appeal more basic and/or sophisticated. Basically, the consideraes are these most excellent if to make how much to the use of the indumentria as form of reproduction of the society.

Fidel Castro

That the Cuban government is said that once it sells he acquires it to other neighboring countries, acquiring in this way a good currency entrance. The affection, admiration that president Hugo Chavez has by Fidel Castro, by the Cuban revolution, he has favored immensely to Cuba to an economic, social cost significant for the Venezuelans, who many criticize this favoritism. It has helped of course them to face unemployment, because in Venezuela you are used professional services of many Cubans in all the aspects, which represents a saving for the Cuban government, but also serious problems of use for the Venezuelan., which many have been displaced for favoring to the professional and technical manpower of the Cubans. Despite the Cuban government it must seriously think before the fact that the economic support that offers Venezuela to him in the form of petroleum it could be counted if Hugo Chavez does not assure its power in the presidential elections of 2012. , that can be a reality. The certain thing, comments the indicated source of intelligence, that it enters the new features of the reform is the authorization so that the Cubans choose independently between the 178 activities and they turn into taxi drivers, they operate small restaurants or they abran hairdressing salons. The citizens will be able, for example, to sell their products or services to state organizations, to commercialize nutritional products that before were prohibited, abrir accounts and to accede on credit banking. On the other hand, there will be more freedom for the agrarian production and something of private property and market with the aim of drawing for the challenge will be introduced that supposes to concern 80% of the products that are consumed in the island. In the sector of the construction the construction of houses will also be allowed that will help to alleviate to the situation of deficit and uncertainty of the constructions.

The Computer

The NTICs, having the computer and the Internet as main representatives, had brought to the education unquestioned benefits, but many frustrations how much to its educative use had also happened. One of them it would be the resistance on the part of the pupils and professors who according to MORAN; MASETTO and BEHRENS (2006, pg.54): ' ' Some pupils easily do not accept this change in the form to teach and to learn. They are accustomed to soon receive everything from the professor, and wait that it continues ' ' giving aula' ' , as synonymous of it to say and the pupils to listen. Some professors also criticize this new form, because it seems a way not to give lesson, to be ' ' brincando' ' of lesson ' '. Another frustration with the educative use of the Internet would be according to MORAN; MASETTO and BEHRENS (2006, pg.54): ' ' It has dispersion easiness. Many pupils if lose in the confusion of navigation possibilities. They do not look for what it was agreement, leaving itself to drag for areas of personal interest. He is easy to lose time with little significant information, being in the periphery of the subjects, without deepening them, integrating them in a paradigm consistente.' ' Another frustration could be the raised financial cost for the installation of digital computers and nets in the schools, a time that the economic description of the country, stained for financial corruption and lack of resources for the education, does not favor this concretion. But the Brazilian government comes if worrying about this problem, is what we see in what says OAK (1999, pg. 25): ' ' The tecnicista, instrumental vision of the communication also is observed in the school, space considered privileged for the digital inclusion, to the side of the public telecentros and the programs of reduction in price of the technologies for the domestic consumption.

Balbi Region

Simplicity is making the journey through life, only with the necessary baggage. Charles Dudley Warner General arrives at the beautiful Genoa by train from Parma with a duration of 2 hours 20 minutes, reaching its cozy central station Porta Principe. There’s a small tourist office, where they provide a map and one can start the tour on foot if you like, although there are many lines of buses that can take you to different parts of the city as taxis. In front of the station is a large monument in honor of Cristobal Colon, one can do on foot until reaching its magnificent historic centre via Balbi, and start running it, enjoying the city with its majestic buildings and busy streets. In this case I had a bit of rain and a temperature of 11 centigrade Theor Genoa as it is known, is the capital of the province and the region of Liguria. Credit: YouTube-2011. Also possesses the second largest aquarium in the European Union, after the Oceanographic Valencia is the territory of the municipality of Genoa approximately 244 km and consists of a thin strip coastal in the Ligurian Sea along with some hills and mountains of high altitude (the highest point of the municipality is the Summit of Monte Reixa, to 1,183 metres above the sea level). The Township, in its western part reaches beyond places of the watersheds of the Apennines (in correspondence of the course of the River Stura) and comes directly to limit the geographic region in the South of Piedmont (city of Bosio). Genoa is a city which is said was born Cristobal Colon.

History Wikipedia reminds us in his background, that Genoa was a settlement of the ligures in ancient times. In 209 BC, the city is destroyed by the Carthaginians and then rebuilt by the Romans. In the 3rd century it was converted into episcopal see.

III Summit City

Hence, to the postgraduate course of the master of business administration international trade market mention, of the University of Carabobo, taking advantage of its opening in virtual classroom, has organized an event, will discuss the theme carried out by Dr. and Corina Professor Cortez, an expert in international law, who will assess that Petrocaribe involves, topic that will be discussed in postgraduate of Faces on August 6, at 6.30 p.m. with entry free for those who are interested should be noted as Pdvsa points out. Check with Rod Brooks to learn more. com, this organization was born on 29 June 2005, with the participation of 14 countries in the Caribbean, who attended the energy meeting I heads of State or of Government of the Caribbean on Petrocaribe, held in the city of Puerto La Cruz, to the East of Venezuela have is present, that of September 6, 2005, is He developed the second Summit of Heads of State or of Government of the Caribbean on Petrocaribe, in the city of Montego Bay, Jamaica. 10 And August 11, 2007, it had its headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela, the III Summit of the initiative.

The fourth meeting of dignitaries from countries associated with Petrocaribe is performed in the city of Cienfuegos, Cuba Republic, in December 2007. Learn more on the subject from Susan-Wojcicki. Is known that Petrocaribe is conceived as a multilateral body capable of ensuring coordination and articulation of the policies of energy, including oil and its derivatives, gas, electricity, efficient use of the same, technological cooperation, training and development of energy infrastructure; as well as the use of alternative sources, such as wind power and solar, among others. Who integrates Petrocaribe and what is its objective? She was initially signed by 14 countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, San Cristobal and Nevis, Santa Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, and Venezuela. During the III Summit Petrocaribe Haiti and Nicaragua adhered formally.


It is TIME TO CONSTRUCT PRESPIOS LIVINGS CREATURE In month of December we festejamos Christmas, the cities they are decorated with light bulbs colored these are illuminated illuminating the houses, squares streets. Not it is running of here it stops there in this Christmas. Not it thinks that Christmas either one race. prespios of Christmas not they are only things full of light, of light bulbs. that I I want in this Christmas, it is that you it is full of light serenity in its heart In Christmas I want to see you different, being far of sadness, of the solitude and the fear. That nobody goes to sleep without asking for or giving its pardon That the children learn early, the direction of the life. That the family it celebrates the allotment I hug of it and the bread! It is time to construct prespios livings creature, therefore I ask for that you not he runs as much to store. You already it is one store, because inside of its heart of its interior they are true light bulbs; you yourselves it can to illuminate millions of faces of cities, even exactly continents. You only it needs if to love it stops to be able to love next, to pardon, to be gentile, courageous amiable with all. In this Christmas what I want it is a different prespio! prespio that I I am speaking not it can to be constructed only with light bulbs, with sand, foliages wood, but with love in heart; mainly with art to love of to pardon the next one. This is the true natalino spirit! She is not necessary to finish this prespio, therefore you it has life entire it stops construiz it it perfects it each time more!

Internet Business

The point of start of the business successful then, what is the key from the success? Before deciding to totalize an outline on the Internet, the best thing you can do is wondering if that is going to do really, love it. When I encounter an issue that I am passionate about and achieving profitable that passion, psychologically I cannot assume it as a job, but it will be the explanation of a passion which, on the other hand, means me an income. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rod Brooks. You can do that all day, every day, but I’m going to enjoy a lot, beyond earnings you get, because what I do is something that really posee0. And there, precisely, where lies the success. Regardless of the business that singular have, or what you want to enforce on the Internet, the global denominator of concurrency that is successful is that it makes what excites him. And as he loves what does, you have a desire to impulsive to get ahead, no matter that what implies. It is, then, when it comes to that one ceases to worry about economic revenues, which come alone, and enjoy what you do and has the possibility of helping other people.

In at least two occasions, during seminars and conferences that I have attended, I heard a phrase that caught my attention: If the goal of my business is helping other people to make them also achieve their goals, that goal is going to fulfil itself. Thats little that I would recommend them to new entrepreneurs on the Internet: which does not look so much as soon as they go to overtake or how long will take to become wealthy, but which focus on contributing to others even achieve their dreams. It’s like a slavery: if I win, earn the others; and if they win others, we all win. Try it, you will not regret the results! Greetings and until a next article… H Luis Ayala original author and source of the article